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YA: Hidden in Plain Sight

Fandom: Young Avengers
Main characters: Billy, Teddy
Referenced characters: Tony, Steve
Pairings: Billy/Teddy, background presumed Steve/Tony
Contains: Sap
Rating: G
Summary: Billy's noticed something about Cap and Iron Man.
Notes: Yeah I don't know, I just read the Young Avengers comics and my partner's almost incommunicado, so you get the fruits of my noodlings about with them. I've never written them before... Also, I'm sure I've written some Avengers stuff I haven't posted, so I'll be digging that out and posting it soon.

"Do you think we'll be like that one day?"

Teddy looks up from what he swears is his homework. "Like what?"

Billy shrugs. "Like Tony Stark and Cap. You know."

Teddy sits up, shifts slightly so he's leaning into Billy's side, solid and stable even though you'd think he'd be anything but. Billy likes that: no matter how Teddy changes his face, his body, there's always that certainty about him. About them, maybe; a safety they couldn't have without each other.

"I don't know what you mean," Teddy says, though, because for all that they're not mindreaders and sometimes Teddy's dense. (Sometimes, Teddy argues, Billy is just as dense.)

"They're together, duh."

"They've never said anything -- "

"It's different for Cap than it is for us," Billy shrugs. "He grew up in the thirties. And Stark's always been... There's always been all those women, it's part of his image. But you can tell when they're together that they couldn't do without each other, even if they can't say it in public. They look for each other in battle, and when they touch -- I don't know, there's something."

"Woman's intuition?" Teddy teases, even though he knows Billy hates that stereotype about gay people, even though he hates it himself, just because it's the perfect moment for it. They scuffle for a moment, the fun sort where there's no powers, no changing, just bodies and friction and closeness and then kisses, open-mouthed and easy, a luxury. And for a long time, neither of them says anything. It's after when Teddy pushes up on an elbow, looking down at Billy. "We won't be like them."


"We won't hide it. Not for a second."

Billy smiles, runs his hand down Teddy's back, warm and strong. "Yeah, okay."

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Tags: billy, billy/teddy, sap, shortfic, steve, steve/tony, teddy, tony stark, young avengers
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