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only the margin left to write on now. i love you, i love you, i love you.

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Hi, this is edenbound, also known as brightspark and later Shanaqui on Fanfiction.net.

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-Personal stuff (shanaqui)
-General fandom stuff, request memes, meta, snippets (wilderthan)
-Original fiction (azaleaflower)

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-Type (one-shot, drabble, multi-chapter, etc)
-Genre (smut, angst, sap, etc)
-Kink (knifeplay, bondage, etc)

For the purposes of tagging, I define "shortfic" (originally "drabble") as something short, something between 50-700 words ish, and a one-shot as something rather longer but still self-contained. Everything I have posted should have warnings, a rating, and a summary, to give you an idea of what you're clicking on. I warn for things like angst, sap, smut, and also, separate warning for types of kink, e.g. knifeplay, crossdressing.

Please note that this journal contains only fanfiction, and unless otherwise stated, all worlds and characters belong to their respective creators; I am earning no money from anything posted in this journal. If someone objects to fan written material for their work, they're advised to contact me about it directly, and I will take it down.

The pieces of fiction in this journal do not necessarily reflect the attitudes and values of the author. They are meant to explore situations and test my skill, rather than to condone or promote violence, rape, or other undesirable behaviours.

All pieces of fiction that are unsuitable for non-adults have now been flagged according to LiveJournal's new system. If you're not eighteen and you have an account where you've lied about your age or you lie about your age when logged out, that's none of my business, and any trouble you get into is your own fault.

See also this post.

Misc information:
I post every fanfiction I write here, whether I like it or not, making this something of a definitive archive. It also means I post a lot. And that I'm not always happy, myself, with the way a fic comes out.

On this journal, if you friend me, I friend you. Simple as. I won't read your journal, or pass information about it on to anyone else.

Anonymous comments are not allowed because I'm tired of random spam and comments simply saying "u suck". Also, I'd probably love to see your fic, but not posted in the comments to a drabble of mine.

I welcome concrit, but if I find that your criticism is making me feel bad about myself without helping, I may ask you to stop. If you continue commenting in a negative manner, I will ban you from commenting. I don't mean that I think I can't be wrong, but there's concrit and there's stuff simply meant to make a person feel about their writing. I can't promise that I will always respond to your comments, but do know that I read and appreciate each and every one nonetheless.

Finally, for request posts, fandom related memes, meta, reviews, snippets of WIP fic and the occasional chance to influence what I'm working on, you want to go to wilderthan. You really do.

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